Cassy, ​​student in psychological sciences and education at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and high level sportswoman.

Grégory, entrepreneur for 25 years in production and distribution.

Core business,

We will both benefit that Belgium is the first European country to have in December 2018 legalized the CBD to launch the SRL, whose purpose is to promote and distribute the CBD, the task is not simple because cannabinoids are extracted from the marijuana plant whose articles are currently read in the news.

We will focus on the endocannabinoid system present in the body, we will rely on many studies and meet Dr. Philip Blair, who advised us in our approach and orientation of the use of CBD, we have benefited from its analysis and work in medical research to achieve a selection of quality products for our customers.

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Respecting the Belgian, European and worldwide standards, taking advantage of the fact that the WAPA and the Olympic Committees have removed the CBD from doping substances, we have set up an information and distribution network in close collaboration with our farmers in Switzerland and our clients. is more than convinced that we are only at the beginning of the cannabinoids revolution in the medical sphere and well-being but also in sports and intellectual performances. We invite you to discover some of the research and articles appeared in the tab "About CBD"

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